About Us

My name is Nina and I am mummy to three little humans, Marlow, Remy and Winnie. Winnie being my inspiration for Winnie Woo.

Whilst on maternity leave I had a little time to get my 'creative' on and started sewing, with the intention of just making Winnie a few dribble bibs. I quickly realised I was completely in love with sewing. I love the whole process and get great satisfaction from seeing a finished peice from the fabric that laid on the table earlier.

As cringy as it sounds I couldn't possibly live without sewing now, its a part of who I am!

I love sourcing amazing, great quality and unique fabrics to work with, especially gorgeous florals. I'm also partial to a little gingham or stripe. My aim is to make traditional style baby/ toddler clothes with a contemporary twist. 

Create your own style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others - Anna Wintour

I hope you like our site.

Nina x